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About us

Carlson Plumbing was founded in Powder Springs, GA in 2023 by husband and wife, Phil and Jess Grott. Phil and Jess met while they were working at a larger company serving the Atlanta-metro area and they each bring unique experience to the table. 

Phil is a legend on the Atlanta plumbing scene! With over 25 years of industry experience, he's the one you want to call for anything from a mystery leak to a tough drain clog. When you call Phil Grott, you'll get a friendly smile and professional solution. 

Jess joined the professional service industry in 2012 and has extensive customer service experience to make sure you get the best care. When you call Carlson Plumbing, Jess will be the one you talk to. 

Phil has raised 2 sons, Austin and Brad, and Jess and Phil welcomed Patrick (Carlson) in 2022. 

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